Sunday, November 4, 2012

Build A Session at Camp IT

This Friday I’m moderating a panel at Camp IT titled: “Cloud & Business Benefit: How CIOs are Leveraging the Cloud for Enterprise Gain.” The panelists will include:
• Praveen Moturu, Chief Enterprise Architect, Navistar
• Parthiv Sheth, Director, Business Intelligence, Hyatt Hotels
• David Rettig, IT Executive, IMMI

What would you ask this group of panelists? What would you most like to know? Help me build this session by suggesting questions for the panel.

The panel abstract is: According to industry analysts and recent industry surveys, two in three CIOs say the cloud lets them deliver better business systems with the same or lower costs. Additionally, 62 percent say that cloud technology gives business stakeholders more ownership of key applications. While many organizations are slowly moving to the cloud, how can you make sure that you are taking the right steps for your specific organization? In this session attendees will hear from a panel of enterprise IT CIOs as to the steps they have taken, the results achieved and the lessons learned.

One source of opinions on these questions is the AIIM survey “Content in the Cloud – making the right decision.” 364 AIIM members responded to this survey and there were many interesting findings, one of the main questions was regarding the inhibitors of moving to the cloud:

Here are some of the questions I am thinking about:
• What parts of your business are you moving to the cloud? What parts are you taking a “wait and see” approach? (by department, technology application, or any other division)
• How are you moving to the cloud? IaaS, PaaS, SaaS?
• Are you looking at private, hybrid or public models?
• Do you have any metric data or anecdotes on how the cloud is helping your business?
• Have you done any total cost of ownership studies?
• Do you find you have more time to be strategic by moving business to the cloud? Give two examples of what projects you have been able to undertake due to the cloud or time freed up by cloud systems
• How do your LOB stakeholders take more ownership of key systems? How does that impact your role in the business? Are you finding that you are moving more towards a knowledge center, providing guidance on technology decisions? Is your IT team moving from constructors to conductors?
• Have you had any disaster recovery situations that have benefitted from your cloud strategy?
• Do you find that end users are more productive with cloud applications?
• What requirements do you place on your vendors in terms of uptime and security?
• How does cloud and mobility affect security?

So, what would you ask? Leave me a comment with your thoughts. And, if you happen to be in Chicago on Friday, you can learn more about Camp IT here.

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