Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TopSkills Webinar

The AIIM Top Skills webinar will take place next week. This webinar is based on survey results asking content management practitioners “What are the Top Skills you need to move forward in your career?” It also talks about their organizations’ policies for training, and salary comparisons of a number of positions in the industry.

With over 700 content management respondents, there is some good data there. And with over 950 people signed up, a conversation on the event has begun – people are anticipating what some of the answers will be and sharing their own thoughts on what are the Top Skills needed – on Twitter at hashtag #TOPSKILLS. We will monitor the #TOPSKILLS hashtag during and after the event for questions and discussions, so join in the conversation!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Podcasting with Bex

So, I guess the first question is, what is Infoglut? This question kicked off my podcast with Brian “Bex” Huff on his co-authored book, “Transforming Infoglut! A Pragmatic Strategy for Oracle Enterprise Content Management.” Most of you know Bex – he’s an Oracle Ace and was a key developer at Stellent, so he’s pretty qualified to talk about the status and direction of content management. And he’s very passionate about what is right and what is wrong, including content management practices. So, as you would expect, he got on a bit of a rant, and it was fun to sit back and watch his intellectual sparks fly.

A couple of interesting points:
•    Because the CIO reports to the CFO, technology is a cost center instead of a center for innovation.  But this is going to change. Some studies suggest that data value will be seen as a line item in the balance sheet. So CIOs are going to be charged with more innovation.

•    Regarding social media, Bex states “I’m a serial-contrarian… Social media? As opposed to anti-social media?” What people are looking for are inspirational applications – applications that are “fun” to use.

•    Bex also provides his definition of Collaboration vs. Content Management vs. E20  - and three predictions for the industry in 2010.

You can hear it for yourself: http://bit.ly/6iTIXW