Thursday, April 22, 2010

AIIM 2010 Keynote Panel Recap

I wanted to recap the executive keynote panel we did at AIIM, and thought the Twitter feed might be the best source of running commnetary.

jmancini77: #oracle expert panel at #aiim10 - Land of Lakes - ECM priorities - 1st high volume, repeatable - now moving to knowledge capture

jmancini77: #oracle expert panel at #aiim10 - moodys - lines between structured and unstructured blurring - viewing cohesively

jmancini77: #oracle expert panel at #aiim10 - it's too late to launch ECM AFTER a natural disaster

jmancini77: RT @mjsq: Panel discussing whether the investment level of ECM is going up. #aiim10 - more info on panel:

mjsq: Land O'Lakes hired social media person on the E2.0 team. Challenges: How do build it w/in organization & also outside world. #aiim10

jmancini77: #oracle expert panel at #aiim10 - starting to look at social content as part of the content continuum - thank goodness!

PBconnect: RT @jmancini77: #oracle expert panel at #aiim10 - financial svcs vry conservative re #SocMed - moodys blocks social sites & doesn't allow IM

Biotic: Business continuity as a driver for digitization and accessibility.

jmancini77: #oracle expert panel at #aiim10 - next leap - when users can just click keep/don't keep and system takes care of everything else

Global360IncBPM: Remote access does not work with paper files. Land O' Lakes VP of Records Management. #AIIM10

mjsq: Funny! "I try to stay away from the acronyms because you say ECM & they hear $USD." - Motiwala, VP Moody's Investors Services MIT #aiim10

Big thanks to everyone who commented, especially John Mancini, President of AIIM.

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