Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Top Skills Webinar Review

The AIIM Top Skills webinar took place last week. The webinar revolves around a survey where 656 ECM industry participants answered questions about the skills, training and compensation for people in the industry with an eye on what it takes to move forward in your career. Over 1100 people registered and over 450 people attended the event.

The event was also covered on Twitter using the #TOPSKILLS hashtag. The conversation on the hashtag continues as people ask Doug Miles further questions about and discuss the results.

A number of good questions came out of the event:

•    What skills would you most like to improve?

•    What is the most desirable title?

•    What % of orgs are planning their first implementation?

•    What % of webinar viewers will take training in 2010?

•    What is the average salary for a records manager, an information architect, an IT manager, an LOB manager?

•    Will my salary go up if I raise my skills?

It was interesting to note that for IT folks, the skills they most wanted to improve revolved around records management. Not many records managers indicated an interest in raising IT skills however!

The most desirable title was Information Architect. In my experience this role is someone who leads the entire content management effort for an organization. A great example is Nancy Richards when she was at Swedish Medical. There is a good write up on her achievements in this role in this Infonomics article.

Another stunner was the percent of organizations that are planning their first implementation. For those of us who have been in the content management arena for years, it is easy to think every organization has been through many of these implementations. But of the respondents, 23% were planning their first significant project, and 16% were rolling out their first significant project. That means a lot of folks in the AIIM crowd are still looking for the basic information on workflow, taxonomy, repository setup, user roll out - the things we take for granted in a content management project.

Also interesting was the parity between IT and LOB for salary - it was closer than most people think.

Oracle sponsored this research as part of our ongoing support for the content management industry and the people in it. We'd be interested in your feedback regarding future research you'd like to see. And in the same spirit, Oracle is sponsoring an executive keynote panel at AIIM Expo, for the second year in a row. For more information you can see the AIIM Expo keynote page.


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