Thursday, March 26, 2009

AIIM Conference Next Week

Next week we will be at the AIIM Conference and Expo in Philadelphia. For the opening keynotes (Tuesday March 31 8:45 AM), we will run a panel of four customer executives talking about how to communicate the value of ECM to your organization. Our session is right after the opening keynote and right before John Mancini’s State of the Industry address. I’ve been through the questions with each of the speakers on the phone, and they all have very interesting and unique perspectives, so I expect this to be a fascinating conversation.

We’ll have Oracle logos at the airport, on cab tops, and in bus stops, and we will be in booth 710, with a mini-theater full of informative sessions such as how to manage multi-lingual websites, 5 Ways to Build Your ROI with Oracle Content Management, and How to Integrate Your Content Management and Records Management Strategies. We also have a number of partners in the attached partner pavilion. Out of the partner pavilion, Brainware and Fishbowl will also be presenting in the mini-theater. We also have two presentations in the applications showcase, Supercharge Your Applications With Content Management and Go Green, Save Green with Oracle Content Management.

We also have four customers presenting. Molly Wenzler of MeadWestvaco, and David Roe of IronWorks, will present on the MeadWestvaco implementation in a session titled “5 Rules to Optimize Your Website for SEO, ROI, and New Site Creation.” (Tuesday 2:30 PM)

Tom Chaffee of BCBS MN will present Encouraging and Sustaining a Common ECM Vision (Thursday 10:10 am)

Jim McKenney will present City of Kent Consolidates Information to Provide Constituents with One Reliable Source of Information (Wednesday at 4:45 pm)

Jen Marzolf of Fishbowl Solutions will present 6 Week WCM Implementation At Ogelthorpe Power (Thursday 10:10 AM)

I’ll try and do some updates from the event – no promises!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

AIIM Green ECM Microsite

AIIM has posted their new Green ECM microsite. It's wonderful to look at, oh, and look at that, it's sponsored by Oracle. Lots of great information including an invitation to the AIIM Web Seminar I'll be doing with Forrester on April 15.

We have a day and a half green event here at Oracle kicking off tomorrow where we will look at all of the Oracle green programs from the product groups.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Green Panel Webinar

We had our green panel webinar last week – with Cindy Bixler, CIO of Embry Riddle, Nancy Richards, Principal of Business Arts Management, and John Klein, VP of Business Development at Midland Information Resources. John talked about how, in their implementation at Emerson Process Management, they saved over $500,000 in paper consumption. Cindy talked about how Embry Riddle used to ship paper everywhere – back and forth from headquarters to their 170 campus locations. Having information scanned and checked in, making it instantly available from any location, saved them tens of thousands of dollars in courier and shipping costs. Nancy talked about how at Swedish Medical, the two systems she implemented moved them from paper to electronic, saving them tons of money but also improving the patient experience. In the cases of each of the customers profiled – Embry Riddle, Swedish Medical, Emerson Process Management, and Standard Forwarding – they talked about the process improvements each company experienced, and how it saved them money and made them more competitive. But beyond the process improvements, where the bulk of the ROI was realized, the paper-based benefits also brought the green benefits of reducing paper consumption, shipping costs, and other green benefits such as reducing warehouse and office space, reducing employee commutes and the associated environmental impact, and enabling better compliance and disaster recovery planning.

We of course talked about the Oracle Green Calculator, which enables customers to input their paper based ROI, and see the resulting impact on the environment, in terms of number of trees saved, barrels of oil saved, and pounds of carbon emissions avoided.
You can access the calculator here:
You can hear the replay of the session here:

ASIO – Green Data Centers
ASIO is a green data center working off of energy they generate. Their roof has 120 solar panels, running the servers, lights, and a water-based cooling system. The water for the cooling system is collected on site from rain runoff. The systems only use 2 gallons of water per hour, and 50% of the water is recycled and used again for cooling. ASIO also uses virtualization that nets them at 60/70:1 ratio of virtual servers to physical servers. Most data centers claim they are green by buying energy produced from green sources. ASIO conserves energy and creates their own, moving towards a zero environmental impact. A vision of the future.