Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Accounts Payable: Three Pathways to Efficiency

My colleague Jason Lamon just got his article published in Infonomics "Accounts Payable: Three Pathways to Efficiency." Jason has many years of expertise in document capture and imaging, and his article has a lot of depth in the details of how organizations can automate their processes.

1. Back-end Document Capture and Archive
While this level does not automate the process, it provides a solid base of content so that your processes are not disturbed if paper is lost. It also provides a good look up process when you need to refer back to an invoice - a lot better than going to the warehouse and dusting off some old boxes.

2.Front-End Document Capture and Data Entry
In this process, invoices are scanned and then routed for data entry. This still requires the manual process of data entry, but enables electronic review, which is much faster.

3. Front-End Capture and Workflow
This level provides full-blown workflow to route the processing and approvals. One additional area that can be included is document recognition and OCR, which can even automate the data entry process.

Jason also offers some guidelines for organizations to decide which level of automation they are a candidate for. It's a great read. You can follow Jason on Twitter @jasonlamon.

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Great article...I like your 3 tier model.