Thursday, October 15, 2009

So Long OOW 09!

Last day of OOW 09, I'm in the Middleware Lounge, editing some video I took and uploading it, and answering the many questions about our Middleware in the Cloud story with Amazon. Lots of people are just trying to figure it all out - so I'm going to post a copy of the slides I used for signage in the lounge on SlideShare - many people had requested copies. These slides talk about what the cloud is, what Amazon offers, and how Oracle Fusion Middleware can be used in the cloud.

What we have been showing this week is some of the Amazon Machine Images, or AMIs, that the team has put together. When you sign up for Amazon Web Services (AWS), you get access to these images, which include SOA and WebCenter configuration. No need to install and configure, you just login and you can start developing. Want to share it with others? No problem. Worried about your laptop frying and losing your work? No problem. Do you move between different machines for work and at home? No problem. Because it's all held online, you have many more options for how you work with your projects.

I also uploaded a video of Billy Cripe describing his experience with Amazon Web Services. It was all good until he closed his instance without saving his changes, but he was able to recover a snapshot, so it worked out. There are more presentations at 11:30 and 2:30, and if you come by and drop your business card you get a $35 credit from Amazon - which, at 10 cents an hour gives you 350 hours of development time.

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