Monday, October 5, 2009

Virtual Siloes for Applications

New video posted this morning - Dave Hyzy of Benderson. Some interesting points he makes:

  • Virtual siloes for integrating with applications – content is specific to those applications and users (metadata, for instance), so Benderson manages those as virtual siloes. But IT admins it as one system, and other users have visibility across enterprise to find documents.

  • Index validation against JD Edwards – as they index their documents, the values are compared to their JD Edwards application data for validation.

  • Going electronic gives them simulatneous mulit-user access and processing of documents. Before, when they were paper-based, unless they made photocopies, only one transaction could be processed or reviewed at a time.

  • Disaster recovery in multiple places - they can archive digital copies in multiple places, which gives them true disaster recovery.

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