Monday, October 26, 2009

Keeping Content Management Funded

How do you ensure your content management projects are funded at your organization? How do you ensure that your corporate leadership has visibility into your projects to protect them when times are tight?

I've just uploaded four videos that show the AIIM Keynote Panel. Top executives from four firms discuss how they keep their management aware and keep their projects vital. These four segments have been often quoted since they were recorded, in publications such as Fortune Online, but now you can see them in their entirety.

AIIM Keynote Panel Part 1
AIIM Keynote Panel Part 2
AIIM Keynote Panel Part 3
AIIM Keynote Panel Part 4

These clips are from the AIIM Conference Keynote Panel on the first day of AIIM 2009. In these videos:
  • Molly Wenzler of MeadWestvaco discusses how she encouraged her executives to fund a new WCM project when they were not able to find their highest selling product on the web, or how to connect a prospect with a sales person
  • Mike McKuras of BlueCross/BlueShield of Minnesota talks about how they looked at ECM as one giant project with a $24M price tag, and instead assign an ECM expert to every project to make sure that it is incorporated into the planning
  • Todd Januzzi of Vornado Realty Trust speaks of how their content management has had a direct impact on their bottom line by making them better able to respond to document requests for real estate sales, and by freeing up office space by converting paper documents to electronic
  • Lt. Col. JD Whitlock of U.S. Air Force Medical speaks about how they have made their content more accessible, improving the quality of the content and making their people more productive.
Let me know what you think. Leave a comment and tell me if these were useful, or what you would like to see presented next year - we are in the midst of choosing our topic and speakers.

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