Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Enable the Eco Enterprise Award Winners

Congratulations to Enable the Eco Enterprise award winners Missouri Division of Professional Registration and their implementation partner Tallgrass Technologies. MDPR reduced paper consumption by 50% through the use of document imaging, scanning, and distributed capture:
  • Eliminated 22,000,000 pages per year of copy costs
  • Eliminated 90% of mailing, shipping, and other delivery costs associated with issuing licenses and related certifications
  • Made an 85% improvement in document retrieval times
  • Secured online storage at the State Data Center
Now they can provide electronic methods to submit license applications and supporting documents, including fax, web and email capture. They have secured the content and created indexing and metadata conventions to ensure quick and easy access while maintaining 99% uptime.

The results are
  • 894 tons of paper saved
  • 1,789 tons of trees saved
  • 14,706,300 gallons of water saved
  • 1,735,254 pounds of solid waste eliminated
  • 53,640 pounds of emission gases eliminated
  • License issuance went from average of 3 weeks to 2 days
  • Reduced average time searching for documents from 2 hours per employee to 26 minutes
  • Reduced copier cost by 62%
  • Reduced associated filing cost by 76%
  • Eliminated or reassigned 7 positions
  • Reduced costs associated with lost or misplaced documents by 92%

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