Thursday, April 9, 2009

ARMA Tri-Chapter Meeting

I spoke at the Bay Area ARMA Tri-Chapter meeting today (Silicon Valley, Golden Gate, Mt. Diablo). My slides are on slideshare. One stumper question – how do I decide what a record is when the content is getting constantly updated? Hmmm… If it’s getting constantly updated, is it a record, or is it collaborative content? If there is a published outcome, is that then the record? And is the collaborative content something you would retain to help you remember how you arrived at that outcome, and then discard at some future time? I’d be interested in hearing YOUR thoughts on this.

If I sum up the three major points of my presentation:
  1. The skill set of records managers is needed more broadly across an organization to ensure good retention management of all content (unstructured and structured). While lots of people are focused on the right side of the EDRM model, programs still need to come back to reducing the amount of content being retained.
  2. The owner of various applications are not the owners of the application data
  3. In making your software selection, make sure you understand your organization’s goals for your records management program – are you trying to lower risk, lower costs, provide better visibility to content (and therefore better arming your legal counsel)?
I look forward to getting more involved with the local chapters.

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Anonymous said...

for constantly updated content take a snapshot. Points in time are always static. The frequency of your snapshot records becomes the operative question, but what is a record is not.