Friday, November 14, 2008

IOUG web seminar series/ COLLABORATE ‘09

The call for papers for COLLABORATE ’09 closed on November 7th. We’re waiting to see which sessions get selected by the IOUG/Oracle Content Management SIG for inclusion in the conference. We were a little light on IPM submissions – I think the IPM customers tend to be a little shy compared to the UCM customers – but we’re talking to some folks to encourage them to submit some papers, so I’m sure the IPM track will be compelling.

The other concern is the impact the economy will have on in-person events. I’m sure folks will have to work pretty hard to make the case for going to Orlando. In the mean time we have been working with IOUG to set up a number of web seminars to give people a sense of what they will get at COLLABORATE. The first one was this week – Joe Duane, former consulting services rock star (and now product management rock star), presented on best practices for SiteStudio. A great session, lots of very practical and common sense lessons clearly borne out of some personal experience. There were over 80 people logged on, and they asked many engaging questions.

The next webinar on December 18 will highlight some new application integrations of IPM. After that new features of SiteStudio will be discussed on January 8th. For more information on the series and the Oracle Content Management Special Interest Group click here. To register for COLLABORATE, click here.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fusion Middleware Lounge at Oracle Open World 2008

One thing I didn't cover in the tremendous rush from OOW to the real world was the Fusion Middleware Lounge. Sponsored by Satyam (thanks!) it was a great place for people to relax, recharge their laptops and phones, meet new people, get information about products, watch keynotes, etc. We also had a video booth, where people could record a video postcard, which we posted on YouTube so their friends and family could see. It took a little while for people to warm up to it, but eventually we started seeing people come to the lounge to record a postcard. It was fun - hope we can do the lounge again next year at OOW.