Thursday, August 28, 2008

Content Management ROI discussion at AIIM Golden Gate Chapter meeting

The most recent meeting of the AIIM Golden Gate chapter was a roundtable discussion on Return on Investment. It was a great group effort, with everyone participating.

I've uploaded the discussion slides here.

Aaron Baldwin spoke about how organizations like PG&E are looking to move their records and document management online to save on real estate. I thought he meant to cut down on storage space of the paper, but he corrected me - with the content online, people can work from home, requiring less office space!

Patricia Oliveira talked about how some organizations are starting to work employee satisfaction ratings into their ROI computations. Fascinating! Hopefully she will blog on this and discuss it further.

There is a tendency to boil the ocean when it comes to ROI. The key is to pick an area where you can prove substantial worth to your organization. Focus on a particular process - e-discovery, digital asset file format conversion, shipping and storing paper-based information, or processing invoices and receivables.

Most importantly, as you begin your implementation, assess what you want to measure and build it into your process. By using ROI as a measure of success, you can secure funding for other projects. ROI is a great way to quantify your impact on your organization - you can put it in personnel reviews, or your resume, for instance. Nothing shows success better to a potential employer than a strong ROI on your projects.

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